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We Provide First Class Storage and Shipping of Petroleum Products

LLC Baza is a comprehensive industrial company registered in Russia with INN:2204003349 since 2000. LLC Baza independently owns and manages tank farms in Russia and we offer professional storage, no matter the capacity, for our customers.

In prestigious international projects in this sector, LLC Baza has made a name for itself among investors, owners, EPC contractors, and public and private banks.

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Our Services

LLC Baza has increased its professional staff and petroleum storage capacity for effective transporting, storing, terminaling and trucking crude oil Gathering, compressing, treating, processing and selling natural gas. We ensure safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers.

LLC Baza - Petroleum Storage

Petroleum Storage

LLC Baza is experienced in providing efficient storage systems for customers in Russia.…

LLC Baza - Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis

Petroleum laboratories test crude oil, petroleum feed-stocks, fuels and other petroleum refined products. Petroleum…

LLC Baza - Petroleum Shipping

Petroleum Shipping

Huge quantities of crude oil and refined petroleum products are transported by ship between…

LLC Baza - Pipeline Distribution

Pipeline Distribution

With a vast majority of pipeline network and partnership with leading petroleum distribution businesses,…

LLC Baza - Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Our first class supply chain management team provide the management the flow of petroleum…

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